The funding for the digitisation and website, and checking of approximately half the entries by Anna Doherty through Archaeology South-East was provided by the Study Group for Roman Pottery. The remainder of the work was undertaken voluntarily, including the checking of scanned microfiche by Alex Beeby, David and Joanna Bird, Joyce Compton, Anna Doherty, Alison Heke, Alice Lyons, Jude Plouviez, Amy Thorpe, Jane Timby, Roberta Tomber and Peter Webster. The work was co-ordinated by Roberta Tomber and Jane Timby with the support of the remainder of the Working Party, comprising Ted Connell, Jane Evans, Alice Lyons, Jude Plouviez, Amy Thorpe, Roberta Tomber, Jane Timby and Steven Willis.

The Study Group for Roman pottery is grateful to Sebastian Rahtz for advice prior to the establishment of the project, and to Paul Tyers who advised us on the format and implementation of the site, and also loaned us that invaluable resource – a print-out of the microfiche – for scanning. The bibliography of Vivien Swan was provided by John Humprey. The design and implementation of the site is the work of Joanne Cook, Lucian Pricop Chris Puttick and David Sturtevant of OA Digital.