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Discredited Kiln Sites

The following, formerly claimed as kiln sites, cannot on present evidence be included in the gazetteer:
Hedenham W of village, TM302932; the kiln found in 1858 was probably a lime kiln with burials nearby; there is no mention of ‘wasters’ in contemporary accounts (King 1864).

Kirby Cane Pewter Hill, ?TM373932; tile-built kiln with burials nearby (Norfolk Archaeol. 4 (1855), 313-4); of uncertain date, but probably Medieval.

West Winch Gravel Pit, TF635136 (Phillips 1970, 330); the’kiln’discovered in 1938 was a corn-drying kiln (Norwich C Mus Records).

Weybourne Greenborough Hill, TG126425; the ‘kiln’discovered in 1856 (Bolding 1859, 255-6) was probably a salting.

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