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Discredited Kiln Sites

The following, formerly claimed as kiln sites, cannot on present evidence be included in the gazetteer:
Haslemere Beech Road, SU90753363; the ‘paving of flat stones …arranged to resemble a huge shallow saucer about six feet across …filled with a great quantity of fine sand and charcoal … and …fragments of pottery … in all probability it was the spot where the cinerary pots were baked’, labelled as ‘kiln’ on Swanton 1906, fig on 36, possibly represents the site of a usurium (pyre) belonging to the adjacent Romano-British cremation cemetery; it is structurally unlike any kiln in the region and there is no record of associated wasters (PSAL 2 ser. 21 (1906), 219-28, fig.2; Swanton 1906, 36-7; Homes 1949, 7).

Tatsfield Moorhouse sand pit, Clacket Lane, TQ42705385; now virtually certain to be medieval with medieval kilns on the same site (D. and J. Bird, pers. comm.)

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