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Yorkshire: East Riding & York

Discredited Kiln Sites

The following, formerly claimed as kiln sites, cannot on present evidence be included in the gazetteer:
Barmby Moor California; the site is not precisely located but probably lay within grid space SE7549; the evidence for the ‘kiln’ listed by Kitson Clark (1935, 63) cannot be substantiated; on air-photographs, there is evidence for a complex of enclosures, probably including a settlement, but field-walking of an extensive ploughed area in the 1970s failed to locate any surface indications of pottery production (inf. A Sumpter) and the existence of a kiln must remain in doubt.

Laxton Metham Moor, NW of Metham Hall; area centred SE80752535 approx; no surface indications are visible in the general vicinity of the alleged ‘Roman pottery’ recorded in the last century (Sheahan and Whellan 1856, ii, 609;Bulmer 1892, 672), but substantial evidence for medieval settlement in the area suggests that the supposed pottery might also have been medieval.

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