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Bibliography and Abbreviations

AASRP: Association of Architectural Societies Reports and Papers.

BB1 : Black-burnished ware, Category 1 (see Glossary).

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EMAB: East Midlands Archaeological Bulletin.

Gillam 00: Vessel-type numbers in Giliam, J. P. 1970.Types of Roman Coarse Pottery Vessels in Northern Britain. 3rd ed. Newcastle upon Tyne.

H and N Archaeol Grp: Huncote and Narborough Archaeological Group.

Haverfield, F. J. 1918. Roman Leicester. Archaeol. J. 75 (1918), 1-46.

Leics AU: Leicestershire Archaeological Unit.

Leicester Mus: The Jewry Wall Museum, Leicester.

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TLAHS: Transactions of the Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society.

Todd, M. 1973. The Coritani. The Peoples of Roman Britain Series. London.