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Huntingdonshire & Peterborough

Discredited Kiln Sites

The following, formerly claimed as kiln sites, cannot on present evidence be included in the gazetteer:
Earith N of Earith village, TL391759; this small, alleged pottery kiln (Green 1955) is now considered by the excavator to have probably functioned as a hearth or corn-drier, as ‘there was not the quantity of pottery normally found associated with kilns’ (inf. M Green).

Old Fletton London Brick Co., No. 1 Yard, TL198965 approx; the bar fragments, found in clay-digging in the late 19th century (VCH Hunts 1 (1926) 250; RCHM Peterbor 29; OS Records), are generally of lighter construction and not burnt to the same degree as local pottery-kiln bars; as they do not resemble saltern equipment either, they may have derived from another type of industrial or agricultural hearth (Gurney 1981, 82-3).

Peterborough Within under W wall of N transept of the Cathedral, TL19499866; the bars and fired-clay slab attributed to pottery production (JBAA 45 (1889) 363-4; P Mus AR 18-19 (1890-91) 29; RCHM Peterbor 3) are unlike furniture usually associated with kiln sites in the region; the bars are generally of lighter construction and not burnt to the same degree as those from local pottery kilns; they are also unlike typical salting equipment, and may therefore have been connected with another type of industrial or agricultural hearth (Gurney 1981,81-3).

Werrington SW of The Inhams, TF17550452; bars found on this site (RCHM Peterbor 14) are morphologically untypical of those from Romano-British pottery-kiln sites in the area; they may have derived from another type of industrial or agricultural hearth, associated with the nearby IA-RB rural settlement (inf. D F Mackreth).

Woodston London Brick Co., No. 4 Yard, TL185960 approx; fire-bar fragment, found in clay-digging in 1884(VCH Hunts 1 (1926) 251; RCHM Peterbor 36; OS Records), is less substantial and less heavily-fired than bars from local pottery-kiln sites; it also does not resemble salting equipment, and may therefore have derived from another
type of industrial or agricultural hearth (Gurney 1981,82-3).

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